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The perfect size and design just for you

Is there a hot tub at the top of your wish list? Now it sounds particularly appealing to have a place to relax and to spend time with the family in your own backyard. If, but did not take the plunge, you check out for small hot tubs for sale models on tropicspa.

The new Hot Spot Collection 2020 is presented

Hot Spots have been a favorite customer for years and we've got more to love with the launch of our latest 2020 Hot Spot Series. Ask about the cost of a hot tub? The value pricing puts the hot spring spa that you want in scope, from tiny two seats and three seat spas to bigger ones with five, six or seven adults. And all models are powerfully designed to maintain low operating costs for hot tub.

New exteriors create an elegant focal point for the backyard

We want to be as lovely as it is comfortable with our new Hot Spot Collection! This seems like we have achieved our goal, because we receive ravishing reviews from our new and stylish exterior. Sleek metal corners with accent lighting, wide textured panels and trendy color options now feature cabinets, to add a wide range of landscape architectural elements to this. The interior has been completely redesigned to ensure comfort and visual appeal with clean lines. The elevated appearance and feel are supplemented by multi-colored lights, greys of charcoal and stainless Steel and wider spa pillows.

A hot spot that suits your lifestyle and space

There's plenty of room to relax in the day with a cup of coffee and an invigorating soak, or a star-gaze with a loved one to prepare for a good night's sleep. For larger groups, the new Rhythm ® and Relay ® models are designed for six or seven adults, with a relay with a comfortable lounge seat. It's the perfect place to talk and get in touch. Invite a couple of friends to have a barbecue and finish the evening with a hot tub soak!