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Amazing hydrotherapy experiences by the use of spa tubs

SPA-therapy, or, if you recall, "health through water", is based on water-based procedures, i.e. hydrotherapy and balneotherapy are the two main components of SPA.

The framework of hydrotherapy

Everyone has known the beneficial properties of water since childhood. Hydrotherapy, or, by definition, the use of fresh water for prevention and treatment, has been around for a long time. Water treatment was used by the Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, India and China.

Ancient Rome was the first state to make water a true cult of healthy living. Roman public baths have become the prototype of modern health centers. At the same time as the washing, the Romans used baths for medicinal purposes, which included the following procedures: aromatherapy, mud baths, contrast baths in cold and hot water.

The basis of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, based on the unique properties of water, its accessibility, and the ease of implementing wellness procedures, is an excellent prevention method, both for the treatment of many diseases and for their prevention. We are almost 70% water. And although man has lost interest in spa tubs for many centuries, water remained the force without which a person would not have survived. Its minimal loss significantly affects the functioning of the entire body. As a result, it responds so easily to the vital effect of hydrotherapeutic procedures. Due to its high calorific capacity, water is able to absorb or release a large amount of heat. In nature, there are very few substances close to water in this indicator. Roman public baths have become the prototype of modern health centers. In addition, water is a super universal and powerful solvent that can penetrate anywhere. It is this property that has been successfully used in hydrotherapy.

In addition to distilling, it contains a large number of different impurities, each with a particular effect on our body. And mineral and fresh waters as well as sea water have strong healing properties.