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Why mankind has used spa tubs as theropy for centuries

One of the earliest medical procedures is hydrotherapy. Historical records indicate that warm water has been efficient for decades in treating ailments, illnesses and suffering. Modern specialists now use stuff they may call hydro spas, warm tubs, hydro-pools or Jacuzzi to provide hydrotherapy to a wide spectrum of individuals, particularly in sports science, mental health and physical therapy.


In many countries, the image of the public baths was further deteriorated in the 16th century and many public baths were closed. The baths had become dangerous places for political and religious dissidents because of a shortage of firewood, public baths were even more costly for the populace that had been impoverished with many wars. The baths had also been seen as the cause of contagious diseases such as syphilis, plague and leprosy. The gentry continued to visit the baths, however, but instead of public baths they preferred natural baths with warm, mineral water. Several well-known Italian doctors recovered the lost medical texts of medical treatment from the ancient world, reconsidering the importance of balneology as a medical procedure. At the time, initial attempts were made at analyzing water for its mineral components, even though there was no longer a spontaneous activity, but was increasingly prescribed under medical supervisory authority.

Scientific evidence for spa therapy

Despite spa therapy's popularity, there is little scientific evidence of its effectiveness. A decade ago in Bath, Heywood reviewed well-documented records ofspa tub treatment for lead poisoning in the 18th and 19th centuries.19 Paralysis resulting from chronic lead poisoning (colica pictonum) was a common problem at the time due to the widespread use of lead in household goods, cosmetics, food colorants, wine, and medicinal salts. Bath was already famous for curing paralysis at the beginning of the 16th century, even in those patients considered incurable. Patients were admitted to the Bath Hospital and were often without success treated for paralysis elsewhere, but a large number (months) after their stay in Bath were cured of presumed incurable patients. You can purchase jacuzzis in tropicspa's sale hot tubs.