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Used hot tubs for sale at Tropicspa

Used spas and hot tubs can still have much life left in them, and can be purchased for less than half of a new spa. Even if you decide to invest in a new spa cover or cartridge filter element, the cost savings can be substantial. Here are some tips on how to buy a Used Spa or Hot tub for sale.

Many spa dealers take trade-ins

They may sometimes have older models or demo units they are trying to sell. The advantage of buying from a dealer is that it will have some kind of warranty, and a thorough ’29’ point inspection and detailing. They can also sanitize the pipes for bio film removal. Plus – they can also deliver it, set it up with proper power, fill it, and show you how to use it. Just make sure it’s a ‘real’ spa dealer, not a guy working out of a storage unit. And never buy a used hot tubs for sale that you have not seen filled with water, hot, and fully operational. There are those however, who say that you never should transact business with friends – if you want them to stay friends. Nonetheless, if you trust them that the spa was well maintained and is in good working order, you can help out a friend and get a spa for yourself at a good price.

How do you know what kind of condition it’s in?

Take a look at the spa, and if it looks operational but you want to be sure, contact a local spa service company to perform a systems check on the hot tub. A spa inspection, along with other information such as overall condition, age or any necessary repairs. If you decide to buy it, the spa tech may also be able to move the spa for you, with specialized trailers and dollies made for the purpose. Even if you are buying from a friend, having a spa tech do an inspection, and possibly move the spa and set it up in its new location, would be a good idea.